Monday, December 14, 2009

12/13....ugh...being open minded

There is a lot to be said about the political world. First off…everything I say is my opinion !!! Freedom of speech. On my blog I address politics head on. No sugar coating or butter-ups. There are so many issues to talk about and to express what I think about them. On this page there is freedom of expression so comment and say what you want. One of the major issues I will address on my page is U.S politics and its effect of Americans. Why is politics everywhere? Its how we think that causes America problems. We are a bully country! If you isn’t down with us we coming for you! We are always trying to spread democracy and push or beliefs on others. If they don’t agree and aren’t helping us their a threat. The U.s has some nerve, we aren’t perfect. Ever since we gained our independence we thought we were hot. Head all in the sky. What we fail to do however is to correct what is already happening in OUR OWN COUNTRY!!! Why we don’t stay here???…corruption in politics…well people don’t fight fair and personally I’m not a democrat or a republican. Quick question…how do you pick a side before you hear the issue???? IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE siding with your party. No!…be independent. Listen to the issues and stop judging something before you understand it. I call it as I see it. But let me be specific here. Ill address a political issue that bugs me like flies. Political issue: should women have the right of abortion. As a female a believe it is a women’s choice. Its her body and the she can have circumstances that no one knows about. Also I believe that when you bring a child in this world you are prepared for it. To take care of it and help it grow. I can already hear people saying its murder and your killing a human being. Murder!!! OK uh let me finish. It is wrong to kill someone but a baby is born when it takes its first breathe so if its still in the stomach it not alive per-say. Once again I believe it is up to the woman. How can people stop females for making abortion? I’m calling congress and asking ok I know you own my house my school…do you own my body to? Where’s my rights or my justice. If I were to ever be in that situation where I could or didn’t want to take care of the baby that started to grow inside me, yes abortion for me! Don’t get mad I’m not happy about giving it up…but if your not ready.. Why give birth and then that child life is bad or you regret it and you struggle. Nope I don’t want to call a child a mistake but how many parents do you hear about abusing their children or killing them. Nope shouldn’t have had them. Poor babies L…they die at the hands of their parents. I believe that’s murder…abortion uh its jus a prevention of a lot of death of babies or abuse. I’m jus saying…because I got something to say. --keke
People seem to think that we really live by the constitution. That we live in a democracy. Lol uh sure we do. Our country is at war now for what? Is war inevitable? Somebody please tell me? Don’t say it was September 11. Don’t say it was for oil! I disagree with this war. How about you? Check this out we going to Afghanistan smh poor troops…can see there faces..:(… Comment!!

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